Escape the Mental Stress of COVID by Learning to Surf

surfing with 'Indica' is the best way you can start your surfing journey.

Indica Surf School, based in Mulki, which has started offering lessons since the past four weeks. Do not let COVID bring you down and depress you, get surfing and feel yourself energised with a much more positive, healthier outlook on life!

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While the world is experiencing such a terrible craziness due to COVID that continues to plague all corners of the globe, many people are going through a lot of hardship. The financial hardship is well known and understood, being much discussed and talked about. What is not discussed and considered so openly is the stress, tension and huge impact on the mental state of many people. Having businesses affected, not having continuous work, being in lock down, having had restricted movements for so long, there will be large numbers of people having a hard time mentally. This number is unfortunately going to continue to grow.

Sadly though, it is a subject that is very often not discussed and very much ignored. Yet, it is a major problem and will be one of the greatest long-lasting aftereffects of this devastating Corona Virus pandemic. Surfing and activities in the ocean are one of the best forms of combatting this hugely silent debilitating illness.

Being in the ocean, learning a new sport, feeling the thrills and exhilaration of catching and riding waves have very well documented benefits to help overcome mental stress, tension and mental illness. Surfing takes a person’s mind off issues and off any problems, being fully focussed on catching the next wave, standing up and riding it as best as possible. Being in the ocean and surfing, being at one with nature, brings a centring, a calmness and a feeling of peace within.

There are many surf schools around the Indian Coastline, on both the east and west coasts that have opened back up.

Indica Surf School, Mulki

Already open on the West Coast in Karnataka is Indica Surf School, based in Mulki, which has started offering lessons since the past four weeks. Located just outside of Mangalore, Indica is eagerly awaiting new and returning guests to get into the ocean surfing for their first time or to get them back surfing again. With comprehensive lesson plans, professional instructors and an amazing location, surfing with Indica is the best way you can start your surfing journey or continue your progress and improvement!

As well as surf lessons, Indica Surf School also has a newly built range of accommodation to suit all budgets and group types. Beautiful large deluxe rooms with extra large balconies offer fantastic views across fields, rice paddies and also the Shambhavi River from the river side rooms. There are also semi deluxe and dorm style rooms. Excellent home cooked, south Indian style meals are also included with veg meals as standard orthe option of having non veg also possible.

As well for those that have been working remotely, Indica Surf School is set up as an excellent location to stay and work remotely with excellent free wifi, back up current and an idyllic location to gain inspiration, get energised and produce excellent work.

Covelong Point Surf School, Ocean Delight Surf School

On the east coast in the Chennai area, many schools including Covelong Point Surf School and Ocean Delight Surf School have reopened and are offering lessons to new surfers and surfers wanting to get back in the water. Covelong Point Surf School is also offering Surf and Breakfast Packages to help ease the problem of finding food after surfing with limited hotels currently open and providing meals in the town. Located not far from Chennai, means they are easily accessibly to those in Chennai and those travelling to Chennai.

The physical benefits combined with the very large mental health benefits as well as being extremely fun, exciting and exhilarating make surfing an excellent activity and sport for everyone of all ages to try. Even if someone cannot swim, surfing is still possible! Beginner lessons are done in shallow water with professional instructors with safety as the major priority.

There has never been a better time to get out of your house, head to the Coast and learn to surf.

Do not let COVID bring you down and depress you, get surfing and feel yourself energised with a much more positive, healthier outlook on life!

For those that want something less energetic, then just relaxing and taking in the beauty and ambience of coastal beach life is another amazing way to spend some days in places like Mulki with Indica Surf School and their new accommodation options. Another extra benefit of staying and surfing with Indica Surf School is the boat ride from the accommodation on the Shambhavi River to the surfing spot. For those not surfing, a boat ride through the river backwaters is a beautiful, peaceful and lovely way to spend some time and take in the natural beauty that surrounds us!

It helps remind us that even with COVID causing mayhem, the world is still a beautiful place!

Hurry, go online, book in and plan your next getaway to help your health!

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